The Center for the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula Studies Organized a Seminar: entitled The New US Foreign Policy and its Impact on the Gulf Region

Jan ,14 2019

The Center for the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula Studies organized a seminar titled:  the new US foreign policy and its impact on the Gulf Region. Attended The US ambassador in to Kuwait Lawrence Silverman ,  with a group of Kuwait University’s faculty members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as representatives of scientific institutions with interest in relations with the United States and its policy with the Gulf Region and Kuwait in particular. The interview mentioned the tied relationship between Kuwait and the US, and how it’s getting stronger, especially after the presidential election, there were negotiations  to the American role towards security and peace issues, and ways to find the legitimate means and tools to eliminate everything that obstructs the march and the humanitarian presence in its natural form.

At the end of the meeting, the Director of the Center, Prof. Mohamed Ghanim Al Rumaihi, thanked the Ambassador Lawrence Silverman and the participating professors for their valuable participation that highlighted many issues of concern.