The Center for the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula Studies Participates in the International Book Affair Season 42

Jan ,23 2019

The Center for the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula Studies has participated in the International Book affair in it season 42 The Center emphasizes the importance participate in various cultural activities inside and outside Kuwait University, in order to leave a positive and effective impression in various cultural fields. The Book Fair is one of the most important cultural activities in Kuwait as the exhibition brings together authors, writers, libraries and diverse cultural destinations from Kuwait and the rest of the world. The Center noted that its participation is not only focused on the presentation of special books and publications, but also provides an opportunity for the public to learn about the Center, its objectives and the services it provides to students, researchers and those concerned with Gulf affairs and the Arab world. The Center called on the public to visit the Center's pavilion and see the latest publications, which raise issues related to the Gulf region and the neighboring countries, thanking organizers at the International Book Fair for their unlimited efforts annually to make this cultural exhibition a success.