The Center of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies at Kuwait University issues 45 studies within one year

May ,18 2021

Dr. Faisal Abusalib - Director of the Center for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies at Kuwait University announced that the center issued 45 various studies during the year 2020/2021.
With this achievement, it accomplishes within one year only what studies have been issued during the past 6 years at the center. On this occasion, Dr. Abuslaib refers his sincere thanks to all the employees of the center for their efforts that led to this achievement despite the difficult circumstances that accompanied the Corona pandemic and the forcible interruption of work during the past year.
As directed by Dr. Abusalib receives his heartfelt thanks to the Director of Kuwait University, Prof. Fayez Al Dhafiri, and the Vice President for Research and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center, Prof. Rasheed Al-Enezi, for their support and cooperation, which contributed to the achievement of the Center's objectives during the past period.