seminar titled “Kuwait National Assembly 2020 ... Challenges and Benefits

May ,18 2021

The Center for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies at Kuwait University organized a virtual seminar titled “Kuwait National Assembly 2020  ... Challenges and Benefits” managed by the director of Gulf Center – dr. Faisal Abuslaib shared by both Members of Kuwait National Assembly dr. Hassan Johar and Muhalhal Almudhaf. Supervised by the Administrative Support Unit head at the Gulf Center – Yahia Alfadaghi and the media researcher and public relations officer at the Gulf Center – Bibi Alkhudhari.
The virtual seminar came because the vision of the director of the center – Dr.Faisal Abuslaib emphasize the importance of Kuwait National Assembly 2020 influence on Kuwaiti society.
Kuwaiti society’s interest in various issues and topics related to the Kuwait National Assembly, especially after the change that occurred in the National Assembly 2020, the large participation in the last elections with a high percentage and the size of the change in the election results and what happened in the opening session. 
dr. Faisal Abuslaib confirmed that Kuwaiti public opinion has great ambitions from this particular assembly. In addition, some consider that this council brought about a great change. Moreover, some factors helped the rate of change noticing that he has a reading that shows that the change is due to several factors and can be classified into internal factors and regional factors, and the most important internal factors are the modest performance of the Kuwait National Assembly 2016.
The Seminar mentioned a large number of social, political, and humanitarian topics and issues, and the various aspects affecting the Kuwaiti individual in particular and the Kuwaiti society in general. The duration of the virtual seminar was a full hour and was organized on the Zoom platform. It was uploaded to the Center's YouTube channel, CGAPS, to allow those interested to follow it at any time and transcribing it in text.