Statement by the Center’s Director

I had the honor of managing the Center a decade ago and during the period 2012-2014 AD. I have been reassigned to manage it in the current period. Despite the difficulty of the task of managing a center that includes distinctive cultural scientific activities such as the preparation of studies, research, and reports. In addition to supervising a specialized scientific library. As well as undertaking the awareness-raising aspects of society and linking it to social issues through organizing events, conferences, and seminars. Despite these difficulties and challenges, the responsibility for building and managing a scientific academic studies center is not easy. It needs planning, organizing and preparing a clearly defined plan, specific to the challenges facing the Center, as well as, based on Kuwait University’s previously prepared strategy. The Center therefore endeavored to prepare a clear plan for the next phase, which we seek to achieve through the concerted efforts of the Center’s staff. The plan, which included a scientific and administrative program, was divided into four main themes: 1) Administrative issues, projects, and programs (4 items). 2) Technical Projects (7 items). 3) Awareness, training, and communication projects (10 items). 4) Research and intellectual projects (11 items). The Center looks forward to achieving these objectives and seeking to highlight a clear and distinctive role for the Center. May the Almighty bless us with success. The Center also looks forward to active communication with relevant sectors, organizations, and institutions to improve the level of work and achieve its goals. The center is part of an educational, research, and awareness system under the auspices of Kuwait University and we seek to achieve the desired goal of its existence.

Dr. Yaqoub Yousif Al-Kandari 

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