National security is an issue of outstanding importance, and the highest priority for the State of Kuwait, like the rest of the world. However, there is a package of domestic, regional, and international data and considerations that make security a governing and detailed issue for Kuwait. At the forefront of these data and considerations: strategic geographical location, limited geographical area, the complexity of the population (quantitative and qualitative), Oil gravity, the specificity of internal political and social interactions, as well as the accuracy and sensitivity of Kuwait’s regional and international commitments. In addition to the great challenges and destructive new threats posed by rapid global changes, direct confrontation, and rapid occurrence, thereby maximizing the importance of the security dimension of the modern State’s function. In the light of the data, ramifications, and interactions of the domestic, regional, global, and political landscape, which forces the State’s constant readiness and vigilance to confront the sources of threat to its national security. Small-scale countries of global strategic and economic importance – as in the case of GCC countries including Kuwait – are undoubtedly most vulnerable to threats: external and internal.

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