In the light of the international system’s accompanying economic and geopolitical breakdowns and structural transformations, calls for the dissolution of the United States-led unipolar international system and its replacement by another multipolar system have emerged. There have also been many tensions and developments that herald the disintegration of Western alliances and institutional systems in general. In this context, China’s attempts to strengthen its global standing and influence, and its adoption of tools and strategies aimed at reviving its traditional imperialist system and its supportive orientations for the smelting of the political State, cultural nationalism and the commercial economy in one pot. It’s considered one of the most important topics on the international scene, especially as we stand at the current stage on a new international order radically different from the current system of globalization, consisting of a capitalist market economy and liberal democratic policies.

The slogan ‘One Belt, One Road’ is a reference to the global infrastructure and economic development project launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 to promote regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future, which complements these Chinese efforts. In this spirit, views have been divided between a supporter and an opponent of this project and its real objectives, as enthusiasts of the Chinese President’s initiative see it as a gateway to the end of the era of globalization and a gateway to strengthening the economic, trade and political ties between the participating States based on the foundations of justice and equality. Others have observed that this initiative lacks the necessary clarity and is primarily political propaganda, not a realistic and viable project. There are also some doubts about the initiative’s real objectives, which in its view, China wishes, through the initiative, to invest its financial surpluses and open the markets of the world’s countries to its products, only in its interest. Based on these views, the Belt and Road Initiative is facing a very difficult factual test, which calls for the importance of its study and research to reveal the prospects, dimensions and repercussions of its pathways, especially in the Arabian Gulf region.

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