This field study aims to explore the opinion of the Kuwaiti citizen about the phenomenon of divorce in the State of Kuwait. The study sample included (887) male and female citizens. The study concluded that 15% of the sample believe that the most important cause of the divorce phenomenon in Kuwait is due to social media. Whereas the weakness of religious faith came in the second place with a rate of 13%, then the intervention of the parents between the two parties came in the third place with a rate of 9.8%, and the change in social values ​​regarding divorce as freedom and comfort came in the fourth place with a rate of 9.2%. Then, not taking responsibility for the family and neglecting it ranked fifth with a percentage of 9.0%. Financial problems with a percentage of 8.6%, then marital infidelity and lack of trust between the spouses with a percentage of 7.7%. Then the place of residence of the family is uncomfortable such as living in a small apartment or living with the parents by a percentage of 5.9%, then, the husband’s abstention to spend on his wife and children at a rate of 5.6%. Beatings and violence between spouses were at a rate of 5.6%, then the Personal Status Law, which grants divorced women a number of advantages such as alimony, a car, a maid, a driver, and housing at a rate of 5.5%, and finally sexual problems at a rate of 5.3%.

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