This field study aims to survey the opinion of Kuwaiti citizens about the reasons for delaying the age of marriage in the State of Kuwait. The study sample included (637) male and female citizens. The study concluded that 13.6% of the sample believe that the most important reason for delaying the age of marriage in the State of Kuwait is due to a lack of desire to bear responsibility. While the absence of a family formation culture came in second place at 10.8%. Then the high cost of dowries came in third place with a rate of 9.6%. The lack of adequate housing came in fourth place, at 9.2%. Then the ease of forming a relationship between a man and a woman outside of marriage ranked fifth at 8.9%. In addition, wedding party costs increased by 8.5%. Then the fear of failure increased by 2.8%. Then the lack of a suitable partner by 7.4%. Then social media by 7.1%. The emergence of individualism and the growth of selfish tendency by 6.1%. Finally, the desire to achieve ambition by 4.7%.

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