In this study, we tried to trace the first beginnings of one of these aspects of the States of Kuwait’s international relations with one of the most important major political powers (the United States of America) during the reign of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah in the period (1896 – 1915). Through several axes, the most important of which was explaining the nature of this relationship and the reason for Sheikh Mubarak permission for the work of missionary missions. We have tried to reveal the impact of this relationship on local forces and Kuwaiti society, and on the process of societal political movement, while monitoring the British position. It can sum up that an objective assessment of the state of Kuwaiti-American relations in this period under study confirms that Mubarak did not realize the importance of the United States of America to him as a political or economic force. Especially since the United States itself, until that time, did not realize the importance of Kuwait in the Arabian Gulf region unlike the rest of the other powers, and the interest of the American missionary missions in Kuwait did not take a prominent position on the agenda of the governments of the United States of America. As economic interests began to come to the attention of the United States government later, we saw that these missionary groups were receiving attention from American diplomats. Likewise, the subsequent appearance of oil in Kuwait was a turning point in the relations between the two parties, because the interests had already begun to crystallize during the period after the period of Sheikh Mubarak, who laid down rules for them, the most important of which were community work (health) in the first place.

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