The current issue of the strategic report addresses a very important theme, namely Kuwait’s Strategic Vision 2035. Kuwait has developed this ambitious strategic vision to face the challenges ahead, most notably, the ability to diversify sources of national income and reduce dependence on oil revenues in the face of volatile global oil prices and the likelihood that industrialized countries will decrease their dependence on imported oil, while increasing their oil production and developing other energy alternatives. Kuwait, as a small State in the region and depends on oil revenues for its national income, is aware of how dangerous the next phase, The strategic vision was therefore entitled “New Kuwait” in an effort to exploit Kuwait’s strategic position as a global, financial and trading center through which the state of Kuwait can link its national security to global security. It can therefore be said that Kuwait’s Vision 2035 is a strategy for Kuwait’s national security in all its dimensions. This strategic report attempts to highlight this strategic vision and review the main obstacles to its implementation.

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