Kuwait is associated with the Palestinian cause for several historical considerations: humanitarian and political, attest to Arab attitudes: regional and international. There was popular consensus: a governmental and leadership that Kuwait recently demonstrated during its presence in the Security Council and the deal of the century and other stands. Following the death of Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad- May he rest in peace-, who at every event stressed the centrality of the Palestinian cause, the current Amir, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad reaffirm Kuwait’s consistent position in favor of and support for the Palestinian cause as an extension of the foreign policy of the late Amir. Amid external pressures -specifically- by the United States of America, US President Donald Trump is striving to expand normalization under the current presidential election, Kuwait’s position was neutral, balanced and even rejected any form of normalization in the absence of any development in the Palestinian case file, the absence of justice and adherence to international laws. On the other hand, normalization has increased the Arab Gulf divide in terms of multiple axes. This divide will affect the strength and cohesion of the Gulf system, because of the lack of collective coordination and inconsistency of Gulf positions, this will in the future affect the extent of effective dialogue and collective security.

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