The State of Kuwait, through its economic instruments and mediation diplomacy, has achieved many goals, all of which are in Kuwait’s national and strategic interests, represented in maintaining their security and survival, as well as increasing their economic growth and achieving important regional and international status. The expansion of Kuwait’s influence at all levels was achieved through distribution of roles and the division of the objectives of the economic instrument among political objectives, which were to win the support of States in certain positions such as Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. The economic instrument also played an important role in increasing the State’s rate of armament and its purchase rates, as well as the U.S military presence in Kuwait, which Kuwait has built, achieving political and security objectives. These humanitarian and moral objectives at the core of Kuwait’s foreign policy, which prompted the late Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed, as Commander of Humanity, and Kuwait as the center for humanitarian action. Finally, economic objectives are to exploit the economic instrument to achieve Kuwait Vision 2035, which seeks to transform Kuwait into a regional and global financial and trading center attractive to investment.

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