The nature of US-Israeli relations during the United States presidency varied between the Democratic and Republican parties. Since Israel is located in the Middle East region, it is concerned in one way or another with many issues raised in this region, especially those that may affect its stability and even its existence. A comparison between two consecutive presidential terms between (2009 – 2020) will be addressed in three chapters divided into multiple investigative chapters to reflect the different policies that have fluctuated between realism and liberalism and the United States administration’s attitudes towards some of the Middle East issues that will therefore be raised, then we see how it all affected the Gulf States.

Importance of this study: The Importance of this study is that it addressed a recent topic that continues until 2020 in a statement of the nature of US-Israeli relations in the last two decades of the US presidency between Barack Obama and Donald Trump in a very sensitive and important period for the Middle East region in changing many Arab regimes erupting Arab Spring revolutions. In this study, we focused on some of the issues that Israel is concerned about, how they affect its stability and internal security, as it is located in the Middle East and at the heart of disturbances that have occurred. What matters to us is to devote this study more to highlight the Gulf States and how these important issues for Israel and the position of the two American administrations have affected this.

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