Between January 1980, former US President Jimmy Carter announced his principle to protect the Gulf by all necessary means, including military force, from any attempts outside to control it, and between the frequency of unofficial reports in April 2021, about President Joe Biden’s administration intentions to reduce Washington’s military presence in the region. Many logical questions arise and there are many legitimate concerns. Perhaps at the forefront of these questions, what are the motives of the new democratic administration to take this step? And The extent to which this may represent a break from the United States’ strategy towards Gulf over the last four decades? Based on this, this strategic report strives to look forward to future of the United States military presence in the Arabian Gulf, The motives for the possible withdrawal of US troops from the region. The expected repercussions of this withdrawal, if any, in order to submit the GCC Strategic Movement’s proposals for an effective response to this step whenever possible. occurred, both in the medium- and long-term foreseeable future.   

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