The developmental role of Kuwait’s tourism sector:

Kuwait has always been the bride of the Gulf and an important tourist destination for its tourist attractions from the rest of the region. As the number of tourists grows annually, the demand for new types of entertainment and tourism increases, leading those involved to develop and promote the local tourism sector. Kuwait has important tourist destinations, the most important being Kuwaiti islands such as Failaka Island which can be developed to be integrated tourist destination. Kuwait’s shopping malls and markets also play a major role in attracting tourists from both inside and outside Kuwait. Al Mubarakiya Market take a special place for tourists as it is Kuwait’s most famous and oldest historic market (Kuwait News Agency, Kuna 2019). Some heritage monuments and sites such as Kuwait’s gates, Seif Palace, Red Palace together with a number of museums as well as the Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve, and Jaber Al-Ahmad Marine Reserve, which is a component of ecotourism.  

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