This field study aims to survey the priorities of the Kuwaiti citizen. The study sample included (1481) male and female citizens. The results of the study concluded that 41.9% of the respondents believe that the most important priority is combating corruption as a first priority. While education came in second place with a rate of 16.5%, then an increase in per capita monthly income came in third place with a rate of 13.9%, and health services came in fourth place. With a rate of 12%, then the housing issue came in fifth place with a rate of 11.7%, and finally a comprehensive amnesty of opinion issues with a rate of 3.9%. The results of the study reached – according to the demographic variables of the study sample: (gender, age, educational level, area of ​​residence) Anti-corruption ranked first in all demographic variables, and education ranked second in all demographic variables (except for the Al-Asimah Governorate). It was also found that comprehensive amnesty for opinion issues ranked sixth and last in all demographic variables.

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