This field study aims to survey the opinion of the Kuwaiti citizen about the housing issue in the State of Kuwait. The study sample included (717) male and female citizens. The study concluded 23.1% of the respondents believe that the most important cause of the housing problem in Kuwait is due to the strained relationship between the two authorities: the legislative and the executive. Whereas, the lack of coordination between the competent government agencies related to the housing issue ranked second, with a rate of 21.3%. Then the weakness of the legislation related to the housing issue ranked third with a rate of 18.2%, and the lack of private sector contribution came in the fourth place with a rate of 9.9%. Then the lack of priority for the housing issue with the government ranked fifth with a rate of 9.1% and the scarcity of the supply of residential lands by 8.5%, then the lack of financial liquidity with the government by 6.6%, and finally the increase in the number of citizens in the State of Kuwait by 3.3%.

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